Technology shapes the way we live, so it only makes sense that it shapes how we buy and sell real estate. Existing and emerging technologies have been disrupting the real estate industry for years, from your late-night cruising of million-dollar listings to getting approved for a home loan while you binge the latest Netflix series. Technology is driving new and exciting ways for us all to engage with an industry that has historically been a mystery to many. Simply put, it’s easier than ever for home buyers and sellers to find what they need to buy or sell a property thanks to technology.

Here are four ways technology has impacted the real estate industry:

Online Listings & All That Comes With Them

Gone are the days of printed ads in newspapers and magazines. Websites, and apps that make viewing the inventory of an area and see what’s available easy. Couple that with the easily accessible and detailed property descriptions and photos, which can include everything from tax history to local school ratings, and many individuals already have a fair grasp of a property before they ever reach out to an agent, or step foot on the property.

Mobile Apps Accessibility

These days it feels like the world really could fit in the palm of our hands, thanks to mobile apps. Today’s apps are empowering people to own their real estate journey. From helping buyers filter through new properties to easy access to budgeting and other financial services and tools.

E-signing Services & Cloud Integration

Thanks to technology, real estate transactions no longer mean that real estate agents lose time chasing signatures. Our ability to send, share, and sign documents safely are being utilized in a number of ways within the real estate industry, from lending to closing. While COVID may have been what pushed the industry to move many in-person exchanges to remote, the ease and efficiency that technology has offered likely mean that, for many, its use is here to stay.

Automation & Consistency

Every job has a host of repetitive tasks that eat away at our days, and realtors, landlords, property managers, and other real estate professionals are no exception. From making it easier to fill out the same form for multiple properties by auto-filling information to automating marketing and messaging. Technologies are allowing real estate professionals to provide their clients, and potential clients, with consistent and informed service that goes above and beyond.

Technology offers buyers, sellers, and real estate pros convenience that is also cost-effective and secure. Allowing for more connection, service, and reach that benefits the real estate industry, and the communities that it serves, as a whole.

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