As part of the Certus Title community, our partners close deals faster than ever before.

We provide partners and their clients with a single point of contact for title or settlement needs and a local office to deliver expert knowledge.


Who we partner with.

Lenders | Attorneys & Investors | Real Estate Professionals | Homebuyers, Sellers, & Borrowers | Commercial Buyers, Sellers, & Borrowers

How we support our partners.

• We help our partners create a seamless title and settlement service experience for their clientele. No need to go through multiple companies to serve our clients; it’s all centralized with us.

• Through digital innovation, we make real estate transactions virtually quick and easy while ensuring overall security so that partners can deliver a stellar real estate experience.

• Our service ensures that any roadblock that pops up is overcome quickly. Our local and national team of experts are here to provide on-hand support to partners when they need it.

• Our partners broaden their revenue when working with us. Delivering efficient transactions can build client relationships that increase referrals and nurture retention.

What you can expect.

Innovative Service

Everything is digital and secure, making it super easy to service your clientele in a timely manner.

Centralized Support

There is no chasing paperwork or signature. Your entire title and settlement process can be handled all in one place.

Increased Client Focus

Take the attention off the process and place it back on your client. Rest assured knowing that when you need Certus Title’s services, they are ready to be utilized.


The home buying process.

1. Pre-Qualification

Utilize income, assets, debts, and credit to discuss goals for purchase, estimate the price range, and what loan terms will be best for the buyer.

2. Pre-Approval

You are provided with commission amounts and splits when the order is opened so that we can seamlessly include them in the lender’s estimates.

3. Shopping for a Home

With a pre-approval letter in hand and price range determined, the buyer is now ready to shop for a home with their realtor.

4. Offer Written

The buyers found a home! Terms of the offer, seller credit, closing date, etc. are now discussed to ensure the buyer is comfortable with everything before proceeding and an earnest money check is written.

5. Offer Accepted

Once the offer is accepted, a home inspection is completed (paid for by the buyer) and any requests for repairs and/or credits are negotiated. Once negotiations are complete, loan terms are finalized and the rate is locked.

6. Reports Ordered

With all the details finalized, an appraisal is ordered by the lender (charged to the buyer) while a title report and escrow are also ordered. Now is the time for the buyer to shop for homeowners insurance.

7. Submit for Approval

The purchase contract, appraisal, title, insurance, and any remaining loan conditions are now sent to underwriting for review.

8. Closing Disclosure/Loan Docs

After the required three-day review period and under-writing ‘clears’ all prior conditions, the closing disclosure will be sent. The loan docs are drawn and delivered to escrow.

9. Settlement Statement

The settlement statement is prepared by escrow and discloses all the final numbers including the buyer’s cash due for closing. Once completed, escrow contacts the buyer with final figures and schedules closing.

10. Sign Documents

With everything in order, it is time for the buyer to sign the loan/title docs at the title company, confirm the title company’s wiring instructions, and provide the funds for closing.

11. Final Lender Review

The signed loan docs are then returned to the lender for final review. After a final verbal verification of employment for the buyer is completed, all funding conditions are reviewed and cleared for closing.

12. Transaction Funding

Once cleared, the lender wires funds to escrow, escrow pays all the parties listed on the settlement statement, and records documents are sent to the county clerk.

We work tirelessly to find new ways to support our partners and have developed a toolbox of resources that enables our partners to close faster than ever before while providing their clients with the best possible service.

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