The Certus Title team is comprised of business technologists and qualified title professionals who know that the process of completing title transactions can be drawn out.

With a passion for creating digital solutions that combine service and innovation, the team created a centralized digital solution to help professionals simplify the entire title process.


Every closing is different, and they all present unique challenges.

We provide digital solutions that have a customer-centered approach, and pride ourselves on creating solution-focused experiences that deepen partner and client relationships.


With a belief that businesses should deliver the best service without creating consumer stress, we pride ourselves on providing efficient results.


We cherish true partnerships and lasting relationships. At Certus Title, people are at the heart of all we do and generating ways that advance those whom we are connected with is key.


We believe in the power of providing solutions that are future-forward and effective.


Whether you partner with us or we provide you individual service your information and resources are kept secure.


We stand on transparency and genuine concern for those we serve, which is why honesty and integrity is at the core of our company.

Our goal is to enable seamless transactions for both partners and clients regardless of the shape of the deal. This is crucial to our “no surprises” mission.

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Certus Title is proud to be affiliated with leaders in the residential, commercial, and industrial real estate industry, such as ZYYAH, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and Texas Land Title Association (TLTA).

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