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How to Prepare for Your First Home

Preparing to purchase your first home can be overwhelming. From having to be confident in your creditworthiness to finding the right agent (or not) and home; it can all cause serious anxiety for first-time buyers. At ZYYAH, we make it our business to cheer our community on every step of the way when it comes to owning a home. We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can start doing right now to prepare for and work towards the purchase of your first home.

Get a Glimpse of your Credit Report

When you’re applying for a home loan, it’s crucial you have your finances and credit in good condition. For first-time homebuyers, this means having at the very least a 580 credit score (suitable for some FHA loans) or next best a 620 to start. These scores will get you a home loan secured at a rate that fits your financial picture. The higher your score, the better your interest rates, so it’s best to check your credit report and begin cleaning up hiccups in your report as soon as possible.

Check Your Financial Status

You don’t have to be filthy rich to become a first-time homeowner, so don’t fret. But you do need to have money in the bank to cover potential down payment and closing costs and to show lenders you’re in good financial space. Though your down payment will depend on your mortgage and lender, it’s best to begin saving as soon as you can. Some lenders only require as little as 3% down for buyers with excellent credit and many first-time homeowners can secure a 3.5% requirement for their down payment. Begin thinking about how much you intend to spend on a home or utilize a free calculator to assess how much home you can afford so you have a benchmark for saving.

Secure a Lender or Agent

Before you begin shopping for homes, you need to know just how much you can afford. That’s where your lender or agent comes in. If you have a real estate agent in mind, reach out and let them know you’re ready to begin the loan pre-approval process. Many agents already have a list of lenders they work with directly and may be able to secure you a good rate working alongside them. If you don’t have an agent or decide to decline, begin looking at lenders nationwide, locally, or at your current financial institution to start the pre-approval process. Once you know how much you’re working with, it’s far easier for you or your agent to know where you should begin looking for homes.