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Checklist for New Homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner with little experience managing your home, here is a checklist curated especially for you. At ZYYAH, we’re all about empowering homeowners so you can step out confidently on your own. When it comes to your home, we want you to be the expert. Keep reading to see if you’ve tackled everything on the list!

  1. Get an Inspection –  Be sure your agent contacts a trusted professional to complete your inspection or that whomever you choose completes a thorough inspection from the inside out.
  2. Ensure Home Safety – Sometimes swapping locks is not enough. Be sure to scout for a reliable home security system that covers all bases of the home and offers swift correspondence in the case of an emergency. Ask your agent or close friends and family about their experience with their providers and lean toward one with sound safety protocols.
  3. Plan Out Your Home Maintenance –  When it comes to maintaining your home – the HVAC, the pool, the fridge, and more – there’s a lot that goes into keeping your home running smoothly. Create a list of all of your appliances or try out our app, so that you have a bird’s-eye view of your assets and what needs close care.
  4. Update Your Address Across the Board – Update your address with the post office and spread the word to your loved ones that you’ve moved. Don’t forget to contact your retailers, creditors, or insurance providers and share with them as well!
  5. Secure Local Health Providers – Dentists, primary care providers, optometrists, oh my! There’s a lot to do when living in a new community. Be sure to ask around and do your due diligence on local providers who are unique to you and your family’s needs.
  6. Get to Know Your Local Contractors – If you know you’ll need a landscaper, repairman, or dogwalker, hop on the net or ask your neighbor if they have anyone they can recommend. Create a list of reliable contractors who you can call on anytime.

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